Our Equipment

The majority of trucks in our fleet are purchased new and are inspected yearly per the regulations of the Department of Transportation. The average model year of our tractors is 2015. All of these vehicles are meticulously maintained by our dedicated repair shops. We also maintain our trucking fleet by requiring drivers to fill out daily vehicle inspection forms which allows our in-house staff or trusted service technicians to provide repairs and/or maintenance. Each straight truck is equipped with hydraulic powered lift gates with a 2500-pound load capacity. Most of our straight trucks can hold up to 15,000 pounds. We are committed to driving sustainably. All of our tractors are equipped with aerodynamic fairings to increase fuel efficiency. Many of our trailers are equipped with fairings, and we are currently rolling out a program to install fuel-efficient mudflaps on all of our equipment.

All of our equipment takes advantage of the LoadTrek Fleet Management System which allows are drivers to have real-time access to routing and stop information, contact with the dispatch office, and more.


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